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Details Dirty-Lace-Misfits-least-likely-to-succeed

[{ Dirty Lace: Misfits, Least Likely to Succeed By Wedding, MS Beth ( Author ) Jan - 21- 2012 ( Paperback ) } ]

17,99 EUR*
Details Align-Expand-and-Succeed-Shifting-the-Paradigm-of-Entrepreneurial-Success

Align Expand, and Succeed The world is experiencing an urgent wake up call because the paradigms of the past don't work in today's changing times. "Align, Expand, and Succeed" contains personal stories, tips, tools, and strategies from successful ...

52,66 EUR*
Details Breaking-Barriers-Minority-Succeed-Helping-Female-and-Minority-Students-Succeed-in-Mathematics-and-Science-Jossey-Bass-Education-Series

Breaking the Barriers Breaking the Barriers shows how increased career awareness and exposure to mentors and role models can help students see science and math-related careers as desirable and viable options. It explains how test preparation, activity ...

89,52 EUR*
Details Dollars-Events-How-to-Succeed-in-the-Special-Events-Business

[{ Dollars & Events: How to Succeed in the Special Events Business By Goldblatt, Joe ( Author ) Mar - 02- 1999 ( Hardcover ) } ]

14,35 EUR*
Details You-Dont-Need-Talent-to-Succeed-But-Everything-Else-Counts

You Don't Need Talent to Succeed "You Don't Need Talent to Succeed, But Everything Else Counts" shines the spotlight on your abilities-my abilities-anyone's abilities. We all have the ability to be kind, to strive for excellence, and to keep promises ...